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Despite the excellent trading history, with very low drawndowns, it is important to point out that past results do not mean similar results in the future. Variable income is a type of investment that does not guarantee either a fixed income or a money-back guarantee. Results may vary.

In general, Foreign Exchange Market is a set of operations involving exchanges between currencies of different countries. All governments, banks, companies and individuals who transact currencies (for example, exchange Brazilian Reals for US Dollars) are part of this market.  Also included in this market are investments in foreign currency denominated assets that. More specifically, this concerns deals with derivatives based on foreign currency pairs, commonly known as Forex.


The performed operation by these derivatives is the purchase of a given currency, with the simultaneous sale of another. That is, currencies are traded in pairs, for example: dollar and yen (USD/JPY). The investor does not physically buy dollars or yen, but a monetary exchange rate between them, and is rewarded according to the difference in appreciation (or depreciation) of these currencies. Forex, therefore, is a kind of derivative whose underlying assets are currency pairs.

You must hire a professional accountant to be able to file your Tax Returns in your country of origin.

It is your responsibility to accurately declare your earnings and investments to authorities.

High Frequency System is an automated trading method used by large investment banks, hedge funds and institutional investors. They utilize powerful computers to transact large numbers of orders at extremely high speeds and are able to detect emerging trends in a fraction of a second.


High frequency trading allows traders to profit from even the smallest price fluctuations.


The High Frequency System clearly increases competition in the market as trades are executed faster and trade volume increases significantly. Increased liquidity causes bid and ask spreads to narrow, making markets more price efficient.


As liquidity increases, the price at which a seller is willing to sell and at which a buyer is willing to pay will approach.


An estimated 50% of the US equity trading volume is currently being driven by high frequency trading.


You can stop using the system any time you wish.

No. Our software, unlike other systems on the market, is 100% based on mathematics and speed.

When the system checks that there is a difference greater than 5 points between the fast and the slow servers, it performs a trade.

They are super fast trades that last on average from 5 to 15 seconds.

Yes. Every day before a session starts, the system checks the balance you have at the broker and calculates the number of lots that you will trade on that day.

It is important that you check directly with the broker you use what the withdrawal conditions are.


We are only a service provider company and we have no relationship with the broker you use.

Be careful with what you find online. Many people use the results that our software provides to offer another service that is not ours. There are many SCAMS that pretend to be us.


We do not offer our services through any other channels.

NO. We know that in financial markets it is impossible to set and guarantees of profitability.


Despite the excellent trading history, with a very low drawdown, it is important to emphasize that past results do not mean similar results in the future.


Variable income is a type of investment that does not guarantee either a fixed yield or the return of the total invested (principal).

Exactly. You will have your own account, that is, in your custody.

No. All transactions are carried out under your custody, that is, in your brokerage account and without the need for intermediaries.

After connecting the software to the customer’s account, everything will be done automatically in your account.


All clients can follow trades in real time through Metatrader or through the broker’s website.

We do not offer our service to North American. Directly or indirectly.